Diversity Coordinator's Reports

October 15, 2012

The Central Zone was pleased to have two bids this year for both the 2013 Central Zone Diversity Meet
and the 2014 Central Zone Diversity Camp. STAR of Minnesota submitted a bid for both the 2013 CZ
Diversity Meet and the 2014 CZ Diversity Camp. Patriot Aquatic Club in Lincolnshire, Illinois submitted
a bid for the 2013 CZ Diversity Meet, and YMCA of Fox Cities in Wisconsin submitted a bid for the 2014
CZ Diversity Camp. The bid was awarded to Patriot Aquatic Club of Illinois for the Central Zone Diversity
Meet on June 8-9, 2013 hosted at Stevenson High School in Lincolnshire, Illinois , and the 2014 Central
Zone Diversity Camp was awarded to YMCA of the Fox Cities to host at the RecPlex in Pleasant Prairie,

In speaking with all the CZ Diversity bidders it has been noted that a more defined outline for the CZ
Diversity Meet bid should be worked on for the next selection process. I will begin this immediately to
allow for bids at the USAS 2013 Convention. The Central Zone will continue to award bids 2 years out to
help facilitate planning and participation from all LSCs.

The Central Zone Diversity Meet will be a competitive event in an LC venue with LSC sponsored teams.
While this will be the premier for this event in the Central Zone we are working to get information out
to all LSCs so they may start their team selection process. On the Saturday evening of the meet the host
club will sponsor an athlete meal to give the athletes time to unwind from the day’s competition and
get to know each other, as we believe the bonds forged in this type of environment can last a lifetime.
There will also be guest speakers during the meal to tell their stories and experiences. After the meal
there will be a hosted Coaches Social.

Respectfully submitted,
Pam Lowenthal
Central Zone Diversity Coordinator


January - 2012
  1. Proposal for the creation of a Diversity Advisory Council for the Central Zone to communicate and disseminate diversity news and events to the LSCs of the Central Zone
  2. Propose annual schedule for camps in even numbered years and a competitive event in odd numbered years.
  3. Announcement of impending deadline to comply with the ADA act for lifts in public pools by March 2012. (no exceptions or extensions for pools not in compliance)
  4. Recommend LSCs in the Central Zone share ideas for one-day Water Safety events
  5. Competitive events on June 9-10, 2012. All Zones asked to host their own athletes. Event will be long course with virtual scoring to determine winners. CZ has declined due to conflicting dates of the CZ Diversity Camp.
  6. Other Diversity News:
    a. Native American Initiatives in Oklahoma - OKS and the OKS Diversity Committee offering program to introduce swimming to Native American children
    b. CZ Diversity Select Camp: June 7-10, 2012. Oklahoma City, OK at Oklahoma City Community College.

                                                Pam Lowenthal, CZ Diversity Coordinator