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Appreciation note from the Columbus South High School Bulldogs Swim Team

Dear Solon Stars Team Parents and Swimmers,

Thank you so much for your monetary donation and your donation of suites, equipment, and goggles to the Columbus South High School Bulldogs Swim Team.  No words can truly express the appreciation that  we have for what you have done for us. 

Although you may not have realized it, your donation can be measured in much more than just a mere monetary value.  You have given the children of South High School hope, and allowed them to dream.  Most importantly, you have shown these children that there are kind, caring, good-hearted people in this world; the kind of people whom they do not see on a regular basis. Because of what you have done, you have forever changed the thoughts and ideas in both the hearts and the minds of the children of the Columbus South High School Bulldogs Swim Team.

We are currently on the first year of the program, and your donation has helped the athletes to feel as though they were part of a real swim team. The team has made great improvements throughout the season.  At the beginning of the year, all fifteen of our athletes could barely float, let alone swim a  competitive race.  The combination of your donation and the handwork of the athletes has completely turned this around. Last week, all of our athletes competed in the Columbus City League Championship Meet.  One of the girls on the South High School Swim Team placed seventh in two individual events, and one of the boys placed sixth in the 200 yard freestyle and seventh place in the 50 yard freestyle.  This Saturday, Jeff and I will be taking four swimmers to the Columbus Academy Sectional Swim Meet.  There is a good chance that one of these athletes may become a Central District qualifier.  I want to make it clear that all of this COULD NOT have been done without YOU! 

Thank you for caring and giving hope to children whom may have otherwise had none.


David Perchinske and Jeff Granitto  

Head Coach Men’s and Women’s Swim Team

Columbus South High School