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STARS IMX Swimmer Update

Hello Everyone!  As we fast approaching winter break, we would like to take a moment and recognize those swimmers who have completed their IMX events. If you haven't finished your IMX events yet, please consult with your swimmer’s coach or look at the IMX poster that is posted on the pool deck by the water fountain.  Last season we had 45 swimmers achieve an IMX score  -  so please remember to sign up for those events.


The following swimmers have finished their IMX events with LESI rank:

Marta-Stewart-Bates (1),

Grant Pinchot (1),

 Chris Guo (2),

Alex Olexa (2),

Broc Miller (3),

Emily Gill (2),

Sean Finnerty (2),

Ariane Monticone (7),

Andrew Badertscher (4),

Gena Lieb (5),

Halle D'Amico (1),

Sydney Braverman (2),

Hailey Erkkila (7),

Anthony Telerico (1),

Shannon Finnerty (3),

Phillip Bradshaw (5),

Whitney Lieberth (9),

Marely Howell (8),

Becca Porter (3),

Elizabeth Badertscher (12).


A special congratulations to Grant Pinchot and Chris Guo who are both ranked in top 30 in the Central Zone.



Kevin Harrod

Head Age Group /Senior Assistant Coach

Solon Stars Swim Club