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Short Course 2010-11 Meet Update

The 2010-2011 meet schedule is currently being posted on our website. In having discussions with the coaching staff, we have decided to develop a specific meet schedule for each group. When you go to click on the meet information link under upcoming events on the homepage the groups that are assigned to that meet will be listed.

Each coach has looked at the meet schedule and has selected meets that include a variety of events so no group will be missing out on anything. We are going to actively monitor the entries so that each group's meet schedule will be adhered to.

We will appreciate everyone following this new protocol.  We installed this new procedure so each swimmer has an opportunity to vary their event selection while focusing on all 4 strokes and I.M.  We strongly suggest communication with the coach or coaches of your children's groups so that your swimmer is developing into a well rounded  athlete .  Please do not hesitate to venture your swimmer into the longer races when available like the 200's of stroke the 200/400 I.M. and distance events 500/1,000 & 1650.  This is one of the key foundations of our program and swimmers development.


Mike Davidson Head Coach

& STARS Coaching Staff.