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Solon STARS/LESI Banquet Awards and Highlights


Thank you to all that contributed to help make the Lake Erie Awards banquet very successful!


These Solon STARS Swimmers and Parents were recognized Sunday May 2nd at the Lake Erie Awards Banquet held at Solon HS auditorium.  We are so very proud of our TEAM.  Congratulations to everyone listed below and to our entire TEAM.  We have much to be proud of.


2009-10 Junior National Participants: Maryn Bieganski, Morgan Cohara, James Gallagher, Annie Marquiss, Emily Schwartz, Ben Stewart-Bates, and Terrence Wong.


2009-10 Sectional Participants:  Ryan Astalos, Melissa Besman, Maryn Bieganski, Alex Cohara, Morgan Cohara, Caitlin Cormack, Margaret Eppright, James Gallagher, Jack Groselle, James Hrivnak, Brendnan Melling, Katherine Mitchell, Ryan Pearl, Taylor Pearl, craig Piunno, Alex Polishchuk, Ben Stewart-Bates, Ian Stewart-Bates, Marta Stewart-Bates, Dan Telljohann, and Terrence Wong.


Lake Erie Swimmer Records:  Ian Stewart-Bates 17-18 100 meter freestyle, 200 meter freestyle, and 400 meter freestyle, also Open 100 meter freestyle, and 400 freestyle relay, Ben Stewart-Bates 400 meter freestyle relay, Alex Cohara 400 meter freestyle relay, and Jamie Gallagher 400 meter freestyle relay.


USA National Top 10 times:  Ian Stewart-Bates 18 yrs. old 100 meter Freestyle.


Lake Erie District Championship High Point Winners:  Morgan Cohara, Ben Stewart-Bates, and Ian Stewart-Bates.


2009 LE Zone Team:  Emily Gill, Broc Miller, Mary Motch, Alex Olexa, and Lauren Steele.


2010 Ohio Quad Team:  Chris Guo, Mary Motch, Alex Olexa, Grant Pinchot, and Charlie Stewart-Bates.


LE Virtual All STAR Team:  Maryn Bieganski, Chris Guo, Morgan Cohara, and Terrence Wong.


IMX winners:  Charlie Stewart-Bates 1st place, Chris Guo 2nd place, Alex Olexa 3rd place, and Andy Badertscher 2nd place. 


Lake Erie Senior Swimmer of the Year:  Our first recipient of this award for the Solon STARS went to Ian Stewart-Bates for all of his accomplishments listed above.  Congratulations, we are very proud of him!


Lake Erie Athlete's Award: Terrence Wong voted on by his peers.  Congratulations!


2010 LE Coaches Merit Recipient:  Erin Sandridge


LE Outstanding Service Award:   Sharon Badertscher.   Congratulations!