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Stars Quad Team, and IMX/IM Ready achievements

Congratulations to our Stars Quad team quailifiers:

Mary Motch, Chris Guo, Grant Pinchot, Charlie Stewart-Bates and Alex Olexa.


Also, the following swimmers have achieved their IMX or IM Ready scores this season:

IMX ranking within LE swimming:

  • Marta Stewart-Bates 1st in 19 & Over
  • Alex Olexa: 3rd in 13 boys
  • Grant Pinchot: 1st in 12 boys
  • Chris Guo:2nd in 12 boys
  • Broc Miller: 4th in 13 boys
  • Emily Gill: 4th in 11 girls
  • Andy Badertscher: 5th in 13 boys
  • Sydney Braverman: 12 in 12 girls
  • Gena Leib: 3rd in 9 & under girls
  • Marley Howell: 5th in 9 & under girls



The following swimmers have achieved an IM Ready score this season:

Annie Marquiss, Anna Wong, Elijah Spiro, Ariane Monticone, Anthony Telerico, Halle D'Amico, Erin Finnerty, Nick Gill, Whitney Lieberth, Karen Dong, Sean Finnerty, William Lane, Kayla Korenowski, Nick Telerico, Sylvia Stewart-Bates, Brock Nelson, Becca Porter, Mark Lippert, Patrick Tippen, Elizabeth Badertscher, Shannon Finnerty, Mia Telerico, Tina Poduska, Corrine Brown, Brian Finnerty, Andrew Weitzman, Eammon LaMonica, Anna Jones, Megan Finnerety, and Cara Brown.

Please be sure to visit USA Swimmings website for more information about these programs and please remember to sign up for IMX and IM Ready events.


Coach Kevin

Kevin Harrod

Head Age Group /Senior Assistant Coach

Solon Stars Swim Club