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Solon STARS Meet Monster recognition

Hello Solon STARS Swimmers and Parents!  We have started a new motivational program to help recognize swimmers from our various groups that the coaches feel are showing committment and improvement for attending practice and meets.  We will recognize them on our web site and also give each swimmer a Solon STARS Meet Monster Cap.  Your swimmer can only  recieve this aknowledgement once per season, but we encourage everyone to strive to be their best in practice and meets.  So our first awards for the beginning of the season go out to:

CCS Meet: Developmental Groups Nick Telerico, Age Group I Gena Leib, Age Group Sydney Braverman, Age Group Elite Broc Miller, Age Group Middle School Patrick Tippen, Senior Group Halle Immormino, Senior Elite Ryan Carson

Penthathalon:  Age Group I Whitney Lieberth, Age Group Chris Guo, AGMS Shannon Finnerty, Age Group Elite Grant Pinchot, Senior Erika Goodman, Senior Elite Kelsey McRill

Mile Meet: Age Group I Sean Finnerty, Age Group Anthony Telerico, Age Group Elite Andy Badertscher, Senior Elite Morgan Cohara

High School Tune-up: Age Group Elite Anna Wong, Senior Dan Telljohann, Senior Elite Terrence Wong

Freestyle Frenzy: Developmental Groups McKenna Mauer, Age Group I Natalie Bourdakos, Senior Mark Lippert.

The STARS Coaches want to say congratulations to all of the swimmers and want to see everyone strive to be their best in practice and in the meets.  Swimmers recieving the meet monster cap please see your coach to get the cap.

Thank you,

Coach Mike Davidson