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Chairman's Chatter: STARS Update


Dear Stars Families:
               We begin our new Short Course Season with much excitement to continue the swimming achievements that we had in the previous seasons. Swimming is a sport requiring skill and physical prowess. It requires commitment from coaches, swimmer and parent.
                Most of the groups have had Expectation Forms handed out to them. These forms are to be signed by both swimmer and parent. Just like teachers, the coaches create work outs that plan out what and how to achieve goals they have for their respective groups for the whole season. We believe that when swimmers make a commitment to come to practice regularly, they improve their chances of doing well in the meets. Coming sporadically to practice will just sabotage one’s own efforts.   One can not expect to better a stroke if one does not practice doing it well all the time. One does not expect endurance if one can not come regularly.    Meets are like tests.   It is not enough to come to practice to learn the strokes. When a swimmer goes to practice, he learns stroke development and endurance. When he goes to meets, he learns other skills as well. He pays attention to when his events are.   He learns to pay attention to the start of the race. Most importantly, he learns to race. 
                As parents, we ask for your commitment to the sport as well. Encourage your child to go to practice regularly and attend meets frequently. Make friends with the other parents in the stands. It makes for practice to end much faster.   Sit with other Stars parents during the meets. Swimming becomes more of a spectator sport when you get to know and cheer not only for your child but for others in the team as well.
               Finally, we ask for your support in our major fund raiser, “Night at the Races”. Proceeds will be used to fund a swim camp for our swimmers. Glen Mills is known for his many instructional videos. He will come and do stroke technique.   Those who volunteer to work that night (hours do not count for the required hours in the contract) or pay for tickets ($35/person) will be able to send their swimmer to the camp for free. There will also be a silent auction and we will post the items on the web. We are also selling the naming rights to the horses and races. Please contact Diane Finnerty (440-542-0240) or Elleni Gill (330-995-1450). Tickets may also be purchased on line and will be later invoiced. Please take advantage of this opportunity. 
                We are a team…a team of coaches working hard to create successful swimmers,   swimmers practicing and competing to the best of their abilities and parents who support the coaches, swimmers and the club they belong to.
Nancy Veto