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Chairman's Chatter


Dear Stars Parents,
Thank you to those who were able to make the meeting last Thursday. To those who couldn’t come, we missed you. Below is a summary of what was discussed during our meeting.

Website: Hopefully, everyone has their password and has logged onto the website. Our site has undergone many upgrades. Currently, we are able to see our swim schedules, sign up for meets, volunteer on line for our meet, check our invoices, balances and even pay balances. 
Invoices have been sent out for May.  You would have gotten an email with your balance. Please check your invoices on line. There may be a lag time between the time you signed up for meets and when they were billed. If your swimmer was in a relay, you will also be billed for them. There are several ways to pay your invoices. The easiest is to sign up for the automatic payment plan. We have a company that does our automatic debits. It is very much like PayPal and your information is secure. You may also drop a check in the mail or in the mailbox at the pool. Again, there may be a lag time as to when your checks will get posted on the web. Please make sure that you pay your current balances. There is a $15 fee assessed for late payments.

Meet Entries: By now, we have been able to sign up for 5 meets. The deadline for our meet is Monday, June 8. We will run a Senior Circuit Meet which is a prelim/ finals meet for swimmers with 13-14 AA cuts in the morning and an open timed finals meet in the afternoon. This is our home meet for the summer. Please sign up for it. Most of our swimmers will be swimming outdoors. For them, they would have the advantage of being familiar with the pool beforehand.

Volunteer Sign Ups: We are now able to sign up to volunteer for our meet on line. Please take the time to sign up for this meet. It is important that everyone sign up. We are running 6 sessions and need all hands on deck. Every family is required to volunteer for at least 4 hours this summer. If you feel that you have to be with your swimmer during the meet, please sign up for anther session. There are also positions that will allow you to help your swimmer if they need help. The Solon Stars have always run an efficient meet and this is because our families have pulled their weight in terms of volunteering in the meet. Let us keep that tradition going. If there is no way for you to be in that meet, we are also required to send volunteers to Long Course Champs. You may also sign up for this. Long Course Champs will be held in Cleveland State July 28.

Fundraising: Our Night at the Races has been rescheduled for October 10. Please set aside that date. Aside from the races, we will also have a silent auction. If you know of any vendors who can donate to our auction, please approach them. The begging letter will be posted on line. Proceeds of the fundraiser will go to paying for a swim camp. We will bring in Glen Mills who does a fantastic swim camp that includes underwater videos of each swimmer. Anyone who goes to the fundraiser will be abvle to send their swimmer to camp for free.

Socials: Swimming can be a very individual sport. But it can also be a very social sport. We will have a list of social events for the different groups.    Plan on signing up your swimmer to these events. It would help foster team unity in our club. We will also be offering Friday breakfast to the groups outside. The form will be on line by next week. Our first Friday breakfast will be June 12. We will need help with the food and set up. This is a very social event for both swimmer and parent.

Regards to all,

Nancy Veto , Chairman