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Announcing the Solon Stars Learn to Swim program

Hello everyone!   I am attempting to get our STARS Competitive Learn To Swim Program up and running and if we have enough interest to run this program we will start this program this spring.  If you have a young swimmer that you would like to be on the STARS but know they are just not ready well then lets get them signed up for the new STARS Competitive Learn To Swim program.

The form below explains everything, and at the end of the program we will encourage each and everyone of the swimmers to participate in the Mayfield short course meet in which they can use their new skills they have learned and see how much they have improved.  If you have any questions drop me a line and I will do my best to answer it.  Thanks and lets try to get all registrations in to the STARS PO Box by Monday, April 13th so we know where we stand for the first Saturday will be April 25th.  Thank you so much!

Mike Davidson
Head Coach Solon STARS Swim Club


Learn to Swim Registration Form