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2009-10 Stars Executive Board nominees

SOLON, Oh  -  During the monthly Board of Directors meeting on Wednesday, March 18th, the 2009-2010 Executive Board slate was presented by our current Vice Chair, Nancy Veto, who led our Nominating Committee this year.  The proposed 2009-2010 Executive Board slate was voted on by our General Board of Directors.  The nominee slate listed below will be submitted for vote during our General Membership meeting scheduled for Tuesday, March 31st.  As stated in our club bylaws, additional nominations for the 2009-2010 Executive Board positions may be made during the General Membership meeting as long as the nominated candidate consents in advance.  A written ballot will be utilized this year to allow our club members to write in any floor nominated candidate’s names.


Proposed 2009-2010 Solon Stars Executive Board Slate

Chair - Nancy Veto

Vice Chair - Dave Poduska

Treasurer - Michelle Mahle

Meet Director - Sharon Badertscher

Secretary - Cathy Lautenschleger


Nancy Veto: (Chair)    Nancy has 2 swimmers, Terrence (Senior) and Anna (Age Group Elite).  They have been with the Stars for 11 years. She has previously chaired Apparel, Socials, Publicity and also used to be Safety Director for the Club.  She has managed Concessions during the swim meets and has also coordinated Friday Breakfast at the outdoor pool for the past 2 summers.  Nancy is currently the Vice Chair.

Dave Poduska: (Vice-Chair)  Dave’s family has been with the Stars for 5 years.  He has 5 swimmers in the water ranging from Sprint, Age Group and Developmental groups.  Dave has previously served as the Assistant Treasurer, tracking volunteer hours, family accounting and 100 second club.  He currently still does the 100 second club.

Michelle Mahle: (Treasurer)   Michelle has 2 swimmers, Taylor in Age Group Middle School and Alyssa in Age Group I.  They have been with the Stars for 2 years.  Michelle is a Director and co-chair for the Tax Department of SS&G Financial Services.

Cathy Lautenschleger: (Secretary)   She has been with the Stars for 7 years. She currently has one swimmer, Dana, in Age Group Elite.  Cathy currently serves as the club’s Publicity Chair and has previsouly held down the Fundrasing chair position.  She has also been the Lake Erie Swimming (LESI) Secretary for the past 3 years and also currently maintains that position.

Sharon Badetshcher: (Meet Director)   Sharon has 2 swimmers: Andy in Age Group and Elizabeth in Developmental 2.  The have been with the Stars for 2 years. Currently she is the Assistant Meet Director and served as our Meet Director during this year’s Last Chance Meet.   She is an official for Lake Erie Swimming and also served as Co-Meet Director for this year’s LESI Gold Champs.