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Jan 2014 updates

<h2><font color="green">January 2014 News</font></h2><font size=4>
Latest IMX update through our meet:

Maria Coy 4104
Chris McFarland 3352
Marley Howell 3131
Mike D'Arcy 3122
Andrew Kijauskas 2952
Gena Leib 2843
Jared Toaz 2782
Shannon Staley 2643
Helen Sun 2552
Hailey Erkkila 2467
Mia Telerico 2342
Sean Finnerty 2300
Jane D'Arcy 2299
Molly Russell 2174
Josh Rooney 2167
Meadow Hynd 2104
Maria Kloboves 2002
Adam Gross 1902
Ashlyn Doorley 1806
Kyleah Gaydos 1743
Nick Telerico 1638
Sara Formica 1536
Lydia Mazzoli 1329
Drew Russell 1210
Ania Lewis 1111
Ryan Gross 1084
Caleb Cosentino 1043
Fiona Fisher 870
Brian Finnerty 592
Alexis Dimatteo 489
Ryan Klemmer 306

Henry Tavens 1773
Samantha McCarthy 1483
Madison Machado 1197
Rilie Szach 428

 Timeline for the meet of this weekend (updated on 1/23)

Warms up will be split into 2- 30 minute sessions for both morning and afternoon divided by teams. The first group in the morning to warm up from 7:30-8:00 on Saturday and Sunday will be: STRS, HEAT, FAST, LESD, LRST, and USC. The second group in the morning to warm up from 8:00-8:30 will be all other teams. Morning sessions will begin at 8:35.
Afternoon warm ups will not begin before 12:00 on Saturday and Sunday. First group of warm ups in the afternoon will be: STRS, HEAT, FAST, LESD, LRST, and USC. Second group of warm ups will be all other teams.
Warm ups for finals will be announced during the morning session.
This meet is very full and deck entries will be very limited and will be permitted only to fill open lanes AFTER scratches are taken into consideration. If a heat is eliminated by scratches, there will be no room in the event to take deck entries.
Check in for the 500 will close 1 hour before the event (10:00 a.m for the morning session and 3:15 for the afternoon session).

Latest IMX scores (updated on Jan 18 2014):
Maria Coy 4104
Chris McFarland 3152
Marley Howell 3131
Mike D'Arcy 3122
Andrew Kijauskas 2952
Jared Toaz 2759
Gena Leib 2726
Mia Telerico 2340
Jane D'Arcy 2299
Sean Finnerty 2227
Molly Russell 2174
Meadow Hynd 2047
Maria Kloboves 2002
Josh Rooney 1861
Ashlyn Doorley 1714
Nick Telerico 1638
Lydia Mazzoli 1329
Drew Russell 1210
Ania Lewis 956
Brian Finnerty 508
Ryan Klemmer 308

Congratulations to the following Solon Stars seniors who have decided on where they will continue their educations:

Paul Csarny: The Ohio State University
Samantha Lisy: Indiana University
Patrick Tippen: Cleveland State University
Anna Wong: Carnegie Mellon University

The Solon Stars competed at the Jim Scullion meet this past weekend. We had many swimmers make their first ever finals as well as multiple best times. Congratulations to the following swimmers who made finals or scored points for the team: Camryn Adams, Hailey Erkkila, Alex Figurella, Brian and Sean Finnerty, Kyleah Gaydos, Adam Gross, Marley Howell (1st in girls 13 & Over 200 fly), Meadow Hynd, Andrew Kijauskas, Maria Kloboves, Morgan Krantz, Gena Leib,Ania Lewis, Samantha McCarthy, Christina McFarland (1st in girls 13 & Over 200 and 500 free), Joseph Richmond, Drew Russell, Helen Sun, Henry Tavens, Mia Telerico, aand Jared Toaz.

Special congratulations to Christina McFarland for winning the Girls 13 & Over High Point Award.

The Solon Stars kicked of 2014 with fast times at the New Year's Stretch Meet in Rocky River and at the 2014 Mid States 14 and Under Championships in Indianapolis, In.
Swimmers achieving best times included at Rocky River included: Mira Atwah, Forrest Campbell, Caleb Cosentino, Ashlyn Doorley, Bridget Ferris, Aiden and Bryson Finelli, Brian Finnerty, Fionna Fisher, Aiden Fitzgerald, Sara Formica, Gabriel Gabrovsek, Paulina Galchenko, Denis Gorbachev, Adam and Ryan Gross, Jessica Hrich, Meadow Hynd, Andrew and Ania Lewis, Madeline Malbasa, Mya Mammana, Ryan Mateyo, Claire and Lily Mehok, Rachel O'Connell, Antony Peng, Desha and Devan Perera, Joseph Richmond, Lily Rothschild, Drew Russell, Lindsay Schneider, Julia Sell, Subi Simmons, Miles and Rilie Szach, Henry Tavens, Danielle Turi, Alex Wintering, Rithika Yalavarthy, Oliva Yang, and Kareem Yousef.

Swimmers placing first in events included: Forrest Campbell, Caleb Cosentino, Ashlyn Doorley, Bryosn Finelli, Fionna Fisher, Sara Formica, Adam and Ryan Gross, Meadow Hynd, Joseph Richmond, Drew Russell, Julia Sell, Henry Tavens, Nick Telerico, and Kareem Yousef.

Christina McFarland represented the Stars at the Quad meet, placing 6th in the 1650 free, 11th in the 100 free, 15th in the 100 breast, and 16th in the 50 free.