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December 2013 News

<h2><font color="green">December 2013 News</font></h2><font size=4>
Congratulations to the following swimmers who have achieved an IMX score up through the Shaker Shark Meet:
Maria Coy            4104
Mike D'Arcy         3075
Chris McFarland   2965
Andrew Kijauskas 2952
Marley Howell         2901
Jared Toaz            2690
Gena Leib             2634
Mia Telerico         2340
Jane D'Arcy          2299
Molly Russell        2174
Maria Kloboves    1947
Josh Rooney         1861
Lydia Mazzoli       1151
Drew Russell        1048
Ania Lewis           814
Ryan Klemmer     306

<h2><font color="green">Solon Stars IMX Incentive Program</font></h2><font size=4>

Attention parents and swimmers, a number of our swimmers have achieved their IMX score this SC season.  For SC 2013-2014, if a swimmer achieves their IMX score they will receive a personalized drawstring bag designed only for IMX score achievers at our Club.  Also, the top 3 IMX score achievers for our Club will receive their choice of gift card in the following increments: 
                Top high point-$50
                2nd high point-$30
                3rd high point-$20
And, those IMX achievers not in the top three high points will be put in a drawing at the end of the season where we will give out three $10 gift cards.

If there are any questions, please email .

Go Stars!
Denise Telerico

<h2><font color="green">November News</font></h2><font size=4>
The Solon Stars successfully competed at the Mark J Braun meet this past weekend. We had many swimmers achieve best times, make finals and break team records. Congratulations to the following swimmers for achieving best times: Dane Bozsvai, Paul Csarny, Halle D'Amico, Alexis DiMatteo, Ashlyn Doorley, Sean Finnerty, Paulina Galchenko, Kyleah Gaydos, Emily Gill, Chris Guo, Marley Howell, Meadow Hynd, Maria Kloboves, Kayla Korenowski, Gena Leib, Lydia Mazzoli, Mary Motch, Grant Pinchot, Joseph Richmond, Josh Rooney, Molly Russell, Shannon Staley, Kate Stavnicky, Helen Sun, Henery Tavens, Dino Jajcanin, Mike D'Arcy, and Anna Wong.

The following swimmers made finals or scored points: Dane Bozsvai, Maria Coy, Mike D'Arcy, Sam Lisy, Sean Finnerty, Chris Guo, Maria Kloboves, Grant Pinchot, and Josh Rooney.

Congratulations to the following swimmers on setting new team records up through this past weekend:
Maria Coy 15-16 400 IM 4:35.41
Joseph Richmond 10 & Under 50 free 28.73
Chris Guo 15-16 and Open 200 IM (1:56.97) and 400 IM(4:09.72)
Sam Lisy 17-18 200 Back (2:09.36), 17-18 and Open 200 Fly (2:08.20), 17-18 200 IM (2:05.53), and 17-18 and Open 400 IM (4:30.59).

<h2><font color="green">Congratulations to the following swimmers for achieving an IM Ready Score:</font></h2><font size=4>
 Irene Chang, Alex Figurella, Rilie Szach, Ryan Gross, Josh Rooney, Kareem Yousef, Meadow Hynd, Subi Simmons, Kate Stavnicky, Sean Finnerty, Antony Peng, Paulina Galchenko, Kyleah Gaydos, Lindsay Schneider, Caleb Cosentino, Adam Gross, Maria Kloboves, Jenna Korenowski, Dane Bozsvai, Aiden Finelli, Drew Russell, Jared Toaz, Brock Nelson, Kayla Korenowski, Mary Motch, Adam Bozsvai, Grant Pinchot, and Anthony Nedelka.

This program is a precursor to the IMX program. If your swimmer has achieved a score in the IM Ready program they are fully capable of swimming their IMX events.

<h2><font color="green">Congratulations to the following swimmers who have already earned their IMX scores for this season:</font></h2><font size=4>
Mike D'Arcy (1st in LESI, 20th in Central Zone, 100th Nationally)
Marley Howell (1, 38, 195)
Gena Leib (2, 43, 226)
Jared Toaz (1, 35, 173)
Mia Telerico (2, 61, 276)
Jane D'Arcy (1, 45, 220)
Molly Russell (3, 77)
Maria Kloboves (2, 54)
Lydia Mazzoli (3, 196)
Drew Russell (3, 65)
Ryan Klemmer (4, 69)

It's never to late for your swimmer to earn an IMX score. Please visit USA Swimming's website or see the poster on our pool deck by the water fountain for information on what events you need to swim in order to learn an IMX score.